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  • Hey, I have a magma shield on which you have won the bidding. If you are still interested, please tell me when you will be online :) or add me ingame: Rigas Martialis

  • hey man, still have some items for u, when u gonna be online?

  • Hey if you add Sophia swiftshot in-game and post your name on here we can arrange pickup of the bags :) sorry my tag post didn't work properly in thread

  • Hey hey~ just wanna check-in with you for the delivery of the shield :D

    I wasn't able to spot you online, so if you have a regular online time, please let me know so we can do the trade, thanks!

    • hey, I’ve been online the last 2 days ☺️

      I’m NA, for me it’s 10:16AM and I won’t be able to log in until about 7 hours from now after work. Let me know a time that works for you and I’ll try my best!

  • Hi there, thanks for the b/o offer for the zodiac shield.

    My IGN is Legendary Nurse.

    Please let me know your timezone, I will try my best to accommodate to trade with you, thanks! :D

  • Hi ! I'm gonna sell you the OS Zodiac Shield, pm me on Pwned By Flower :)

  • hey, u won numbers 34,35 from RE: WTS OS Exalted/Zodiac Shields & other | +1/20% Shields | 20/20 Staves | 20/10 Staves - Bo Staff, Zodiac Staff

    ign: Assassin Olav

    added you, see ya in game :)

    just fyi: I'll be online for 3 hrs from now

    • Hey! Sorry I missed you!

      I'll be around tomorrow if you will be as well!

  • calm your tits with your shitty comment "dogwater"c and i'm not your boy, pretty sure i'm older than u, i'm a father for a long time and i won't accept that kid comment. ty in advance.

    As i said, u are acting like a kid, insulting me by pm and instantly blocking me. like a kid who sends a stone on a car and hides his ass behind a tree...

    Haha 3
    • No one cares about your opinions here brother, take a hint.

      I am just as old as you and have been playing this game since 2005.

      You've got a little napoleon syndrome going on, you come at people with comments like 'kid' and stuff quite often, shows your insecurities IRL.

      Anyhow, don't bother interacting with me in the future as I will disregard every comment you have to make about this game, because your inexperience shows.

      Best of luck, I guess ^^

  • if u still want defender and tower, contact me ingame Sup Splitters

  • fire magic +1 (20%) / +10 armor vs slashing Q9 str shadow shield (ft : 90e)

    +5 armor ^enchant / 20% cast curse Q9 death grim cesta (offer?) 20e

    You asked me for that 10 days ago, didnt checked my topic.

    If still need -> "Hombre Derviche" in game

    • hey sure, will add you when I get home today. Thanks.

    • gimme ur IG name so i can find you ;D

  • Hey,

    if still interested in the Eternal Bow

    add me in GW: Aiko Nisaki

    • Hey will do! I am NA so times might be a little crossed, but I will add you and see you in game! Thanks!

  • Can deliver Q11 earth whenever you're online: RE: Q9 OS Chaos Axe, OS Oni Dagger / Shields / Off-hands

    I added friends/ IGN: Obsidian Ace

    • On now, added you, will look for you!

    • Sorry i missed you! I'll be on from ~11pm PST to ~1am PST

    • I apologize, i checked and i think it was 2e not 3e. Contact me in game if you want it back. I apologize! Tried to message but youre already offline.

  • Hi mate,

    Worked has killed me - I'm going to bed but will be on all weekend UK time 9:00 in morning till evenings.

    Sure we will catch eachother.


    • Hey!

      We will certainly run into each other, just finished my work week so I'll be on almost all weekend :) See you then!

    • Hey mate,

      Got some more items I want to run buy you - lemme know if you're on today :)

    • On now!