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  • fire magic +1 (20%) / +10 armor vs slashing Q9 str shadow shield (ft : 90e)

    +5 armor ^enchant / 20% cast curse Q9 death grim cesta (offer?) 20e

    You asked me for that 10 days ago, didnt checked my topic.

    If still need -> "Hombre Derviche" in game

    • hey sure, will add you when I get home today. Thanks.

    • gimme ur IG name so i can find you ;D

  • Hey,

    if still interested in the Eternal Bow

    add me in GW: Aiko Nisaki

    • Hey will do! I am NA so times might be a little crossed, but I will add you and see you in game! Thanks!

  • Can deliver Q11 earth whenever you're online: RE: Q9 OS Chaos Axe, OS Oni Dagger / Shields / Off-hands

    I added friends/ IGN: Obsidian Ace

    • On now, added you, will look for you!

    • Sorry i missed you! I'll be on from ~11pm PST to ~1am PST

    • I apologize, i checked and i think it was 2e not 3e. Contact me in game if you want it back. I apologize! Tried to message but youre already offline.

  • Hi mate,

    Worked has killed me - I'm going to bed but will be on all weekend UK time 9:00 in morning till evenings.

    Sure we will catch eachother.


    • Hey!

      We will certainly run into each other, just finished my work week so I'll be on almost all weekend :) See you then!

    • Hey mate,

      Got some more items I want to run buy you - lemme know if you're on today :)

    • On now!