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  • hi there. not sure if its a time difference thing or no, but i havent seen you on in a good while. still looking to pick up the summit and brute from ya whenever i see you online!

  • I'm bidding on the +5e summit. Edited my post to reflect that. Thx!

  • You are my only offer, so you win!

    Let me know when and where. I'm mostly on GMT-7 in the evenings.

    • hey

      I paly on Gmt+1 time zone but we can work it out.

      whats is your ingame name?

      Mine is same as here...

      if you are online now I can log in for trade

    • I’m home early. Are you on?

    • in 5 min ok?

    • Sure. IGN is Dietere Stabby. Where you do you want to meet?

    • kamadan ae1 if thats ok