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  • hi, mods always say we have to open new thread if we get another stuff to price check, but it's impossible...

    • For weapons yes you should, prices fluctuate a lot because of requirement, skin and stats, there's no way to have a price table

    • i mean when u have a thread already opened, u can't open a new one...

    • atm i have to ask a price check for another weapon, but i can't open a thread... i have tried to close my other thread but not working

    • so u ask us to open a new thread if we have another item but its impossible... can you help me? ty

    • Check this: https://guildwarslegacy.com/forum/xunlai-marketplace-rules/

      You should just edit your current post and bump it.

      3. Multiple threads.

      • You may have only ONE thread open in each area of Xunlai's at one time:

      Sell, Buy, Services, Price Check and Giveaways.

      • Rather than open a new thread, you can always click EDIT at the bottom of your original post to ADD new items ** In Price check you will need to open a new thread for new items!**

      • Our forum will refuse you to make a new thread when a thread of yours is already open - it will point you to your currently open one.

      • You can create a new thread when your current one is closed, however, make sure to wait 24 hours since your last post in order to avoid a warning.

      • If you accidentally created a new thread too soon, add the following note into it to avoid getting a warning: *** EARLY THREAD, PLEASE REMOVE ***