PC minis/tonics

  • +15%The Minipet and Everlasting tonic thread thread seems to be over a year after last update so...

    Green mini Eye of Jhantir

    Green mini M.O.X.

    Green Mad King Thorn

    Gold Black beast of aaarrrgggh

    Gold mini Adelbern

    Gold mini Rurik

    Gold mini Dagnar Stoneplate

    Gold mini Shiro

    Green Everlasting Destroyer tonic

    Green Everlasting Slightly Mad King tonic

    Gold Everlasting Miku tonic

    Elite necro tome

    Elite warrior tome

    Elite mesmer tome

    Elite paragon tome

    Black Dye

    Gold Furious celestial axe of fortirude , double adrenaline gain 10%, health +30hp, dance with death inscription (damage +15% in stance)

    Green Rocktail's stinger

    If any of these are actually vendor trash just say so, they are taking space!

    Thanks in advance.