Longest you have played a prophecies character without attribute quest points?

  • Not including presearing characters, naturally, what is the most developed prophecies character you have without having actually done the attribute quests because you were too lazy to go to the desert?

    Mine is a dusty ele with elite pyromancers, elite luxon, destroyer gloves and destroyer staff.

    108 hours, 173 months.

    Just found it sad and funny that now today I decided to run myself to sanctum cay and sweep the desert and get those 30 points after so many years.

    I want to hear your accidental lazy/noob story of skipping out on those attribute point quests ^^

  • Me and my sister used to share the account in the early years, so there are "my" toons and "her" toons.

    Some months ago I was in the Deep with guildies with this ele and when I pinged my build a couple of them noticed that my attributes were odd... Figured out what I was missing :P

    Actually that toon has 467 hours, so I guess it was around 380-400hours at that time, long finished all the campaigns :D

    IGN: Aragorn Granpasso

  • I have a ranger I made back in 2008 who has yet to even get to lions arch.

    I also made a ranger back in 2008, the oldest character on my account, he made it to lvl 20, beat proph, beat factions and was in the sulfurous wastes before i went to go help a guildie move from factions to nightfall. They said I was good at ranger and asked to see my build, they loaded it on their factions ranger and asked "what about the other attribute points?" It only took me 3 years to figure out that i could have 2 skills at 12 instead of just the 1