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  • hey there. just saw your video about the q9 celestial items and wanted to shoot you a message incase that is a run you do frequently. i make sets of weapons in q9 with one of each available mod type (15over, 20under, 15stance, etc, etc) and celestials (as well as plague, zodiac, and tons of other skins!) are a set im working on. im going to post this list for you- just incase you get some of the poorly modded q9s. ill definately give you more than merch value (generally offer 2 to 3e depending on weapon type for 20under, 15-10armor, 15-5e, 15hex, 20wHexed, and naked- offer 3 to 5e for 15enchant or 15stance- and obviously 15over and +5e are worth more but i think i have most of those. but of course im willing to negotiate! anyway, here is what i currently need with celestials- thanks in advance for looking!

    Celestial Q9s

    Sword: 20under, 15-10a

    Axe: 20under, 15vHex, 15-10a, naked

    Hammer: 15-10a, naked

    Daggers: 20under, 15stance, 15vHex, 20wHexed, 15-10a, naked

    Bow: 20wHexed, 15-10a, 15-5e, naked

    also pay handsomely for any q9 dual vamps or dual zeals! IGN is Alexa Jaide if youre interested in adding me! thanks again!

    • kk ty for the list,

      I still have the 15-10 bow.

      ign: Witch of Drascir

      I added you as well so will catch you in game some time ;)