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    Yes the envoy scythe is the biggest scythe in the game. However, the thread creator asked for unique items (mostly greens) that are bigger than their skin-sharing non-green/unique pendant. An envoy scythe, no matter if greenie or goldie, has the same size.

    that's how you interpreted it

    I was one of those that defended GW or part of the game to become F2P, and its actually the worst thing that could happen to the game.

    You make a game F2P when its in active development and u update the shop with stuff. GW is not in development and the shop doesnt get any microtransaction item, so ur basically gonna flood the game with more bots, and those buying accounts to bot or manipulate the game are gonna do it for free (so less income for Anet), also the ppl getting banned wouldnt buy more accounts. Its absolutly nonsense.

    This game needs soooo many updates that you would need like 20 engineers to work for 1 year at least before starting puting content and promotion. Even in Gw2 its hard for them to update to dx11 and change systems, imagine in gw1 that is x10 more obsolote in all means.

    They could do prophecies as f2p but instead of the 24hr period on new accounts they could make it permanent until purchase. Not sure that would do much for the game's population though.

    Started in may 2005. Came from diablo 2. Had grand plans to screen clear with skills like maelstrom thinking it was a massive aoe skill. Little did I know... My first character was a mesmer fast casting ele aoe dot spells. Anyone else remember having to get to outposts like maguuma stade for skills?

    i get bored with repetition why I use cons & farm 2 sets charr vanguard quests i don't see the 2 bandits getting you that faster 2bh except for the many bots I see running out of foibles on a daily basis lol

    Yeah I am not sure on the nature of his question. Mathematical or Opinion based. To burn to LDOA to go post searing or to drop the title into HoM with minimal game time investment. Or purely an academic question.

    I am for example slowly leveling up my dire stalker doing 5/6 Charr vq. Its probably not the fastest but I detest pure exp grinding with no other tangible benefits.

    Not including presearing characters, naturally, what is the most developed prophecies character you have without having actually done the attribute quests because you were too lazy to go to the desert?

    Mine is a dusty ele with elite pyromancers, elite luxon, destroyer gloves and destroyer staff.

    108 hours, 173 months.

    Just found it sad and funny that now today I decided to run myself to sanctum cay and sweep the desert and get those 30 points after so many years.

    I want to hear your accidental lazy/noob story of skipping out on those attribute point quests ^^

    Does anyone know the name of the song that plays when you enter the Henge of Denravi?

    I couldn't find it anywhere. Spent an hour sifting through gw music on youtube.

    Mesmer is pretty gg and has build variety options. But if you want simple but a choice of running melee or caster I think assassin might make more sense.

    Judging by that presearing skillbar, even with presearing's limited skill selection, your troubles with mesmer are due to not being very experienced at the game and that is ok. I played an Illusionary Weaponry mesmer build for a couple years. Its a mesmer melee build.

    Can play assassin as dagger spam which is pretty simple hard striking melee damage with some aoe splash.


    Assassin's Promise caster that summons ebon vanguard assassin support and norn damage shouts.

    You can get pretty weird on sin too with its often forgotten caster attributes.

    Before you give up on mesmer you should pickup some of the post searing mesmer skill quests in Ascalon. In the ruined Ashford Abbey there is a new named town called Sardelac Sanitarium where you can talk to Vassar to get more quests and skills. After the first quest you get a spell called Chaos Storm which will help you out quite a bit.

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