Request deletion of your account.

  • Hello everybody - this is the full procedure to delete your account. Please follow this procedure completely as written.

    The deletion process is a manual process, so it can take a few days before your account gets deleted.

    Step 1: fill in deletion form

    To streamline the account deletion process, we have created a special form that ensures that all of the data gets sent along. This form can be found here: Request account deletion.
    This is a special forum and you can only see your own post, but our moderators and team can see your request.

    Please fill this form and proceed to step 2. Only filling in the form itself will not get your account deleted.

    Step 2: confirmation by mail

    We'll then need you to send an e-mail to [email protected] from the same e-mail-address that your account uses so we can verify that you own the account mail (since this is a permanent request, this is the verification we need).

    Once we receive the e-mail, we'll try to delete your account within 72 hours.

    If we do not receive the e-mail, we will be unable to process your deletion request, so please send it asap. Please mention the URL to your deletion form, that makes it easier for us.


    • You can request an export of your data, however, this is not an export of your data/posts/conversations, but rather an export of the personal information that we have stored of you. The only personal information we store is your language code (which is generally set to English, since our forum is English-only), your username, e-mail, registration date, last activity time and the IP-addresses that you have visited Legacy with, alongside with timestamps.
    • When deleting your account, we do not remove your posts. Your account and all information linked to your account will be removed, but your posts will remain (as these do not contain personal information and it is a legitimate interest for a forum to keep discussions intact). If wanted, we can change your account name to something different before the deletion occurs. We are unable, due to technical reasons, to change the name afterwards.
    • Your user page will be removed and there is no longer an overview of posts you have posted - there is no more user page.
    • Deletion of an account to re-register anew (a "blank slate") is not what this procedure is intended for. Your account will be deleted, but your e-mail and/or old username can end up on a black-list for re-use.
    • A deletion is permanent. We can't re-import your data.
    • Once we confirm the deletion, your personal data has been deleted from our server. It is possible that this data persists for a bit longer in our back-ups that we store, but should we restore from a back-up with your personal information still intact, we will remove your data asap (hence the reason to fill in the form + sending the e-mail).

    Keep in mind that this is a hobby project and due to this reactions can take a few days.

    Should there be any questions, feel free to ask them.


    Hi there! I'm the Guild Wars Legacy admin, feel free to contact me if you've got issues.

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