Gw1 Services For Hire

  • Hello! I'm offering various amounts of fast and professional services in game.

    Services Offered Per Region:

    FoW Armor Run - 30e
    Fast Power Leveling (1-10) - 30e
    Semi AFK/AFK Mission Services (All Area's/Campaigns) - 40e NM | 70e HM (+10e Bonus NM, +20e HM Bonus) (Campaign Completion/Rush Available)

    Old Ascalon Tour - 30e
    Ascalon - LA/LA - Ascalon- 40e
    LA - Droks - 40e
    Southern Shiverpeaks Tour - 40e
    Kryta Tour - 40e
    Maguuma Jungle Tour - 40e
    Crystal Desert Tour - 40e
    Sanctum Cay Solo Fast Rush (NM+HM) - 20/30e

    Shing Jea Island Tour - 30e
    Shing Jea Island Completion Rush - 50e
    Kaineng City Tour (Stops At Maatu Keep) - 50e
    Factions Outposts Tour (Non Completion, Includes Kurz + Luxon Outposts) - 250e
    Complete Factions Run (Finish Entire Campaign + Tour) - 500e
    The Jade Sea Tour - 50e
    Echovald Forest Tour - 50e

    Kamadan Consulate Docks Ferry (Includes Ferry To LA & Kaineng) - 5e
    Istan Tour (Starter Island) - 30e
    Kourna Tour - 50e
    Vabbi Tour - 50e
    Desolation Tour - 75e
    Sunspear Sanctuary Direct Run To Kodash - 50e
    Eye of the North:

    Complete EotN Tour - 50e
    Dungeon Solo (NM) - 50e
    Dungeon Solo (HM) - 100e
    HM Speedbook - 30e Per Book
    Destruction Depths (Central Transfer Chamber/Chaos Gloves Run) - 30e

    GWAMM Services:

    AFK Tyrian Vanquisher- 300e/Zone - 16200e/110a
    AFK Cantha Vanquisher - 300e/Zone - Full 9900e/70a
    AFK Elonian Vanquisher - 350e/Zone - Full 11900e/80a
    AFK EotN Vanquisher - 300e/Zone - Full 4500e/30a

    Prices are based on what i value my time. If you have nothing positive to say, don't say anything at all please.
    My schedule/bookings is currently OPEN, please feel free to message me on Discord.

    If you would like to use my service please contact me on Discord - Kai194#1337
    If you leave a message on this post, i will try to get back to you as soon as possible, sorry for any time delays.

    If there's anything else that i may have missed out or you may want to request or inquire about, feel free to DM and discuss on Discord.

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  • Hey,

    Would like to purchase a bunch of HM mission clears, added you on discord. :)

    Edit: Got a load of missions done very quick. Chill & professional runner, will definitely use his services again, highly recommended!

    IGN: I Zes I

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  • Services are completely open once more. Feel free to add or message on Discord! (UTC +1 / BST)

    IGN: Hikaru Yamato

    Discord: Kai194#1337

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