Best chestrunning build Paragon?

  • Hi there,

    I've finaly decided to make work of my Treasure Hunter title (4560 now) and make a dedicated build. I just used to use my regular builds with regular heroes. I've acces to all heroes and all skills, what would be the best build here?

    Paragon surely has some useful skills such as "Incoming!", "Fall Back!" and "Can't Touch This" (I run Pongmei Valley a lot). "I Am Unstoppable!" is good too, but I don't have any clue what is good next to those skills. And never utilized my heroes for chest running before.

    Thanks in advance!


  • Can't find a fitting template rn, sorry for that. But probably the best and easiest for ANY class:

    1. Deadly Paradox

    2. Shadow Form

    3. Dwarven Stability

    4. Dash

    5. Dark Espace

    6. Death's Charge or Heart of Shadows

    7. Shroud of Distress

    8. "I am Unstoppable".

    You'll have SF vs Spells, Shroud vs melee, DC or HoS for heal and anti stuck, Dash to break aggro, DE for reduced damage, IaU vs knockdown/cripple.

    You can run pretty much anywhere with this build.

    For harder areas rely on additional hero skills like "Can't touch this!", "Incoming!", "Fall Back!", "Charge!" and so on for additional speed boosts + heals.

    If you really wanna be lazy and have some funds - use a cupcake so you can even break aggro with Dark Escape and benefit from a perma 50% reduced damage (+SF effects).

  • General:

    the main issue with para will be your low energy regeneration and facing energy problems. Para has high armor, but is definetly not a class that I would suggest for chestrunning.

    If you really wanna go with that class, I recommend plenty of attunement runes and a staff for some additional energy.

    It might be faster to create and bring a dervish to level 20 for chest-running to relevant spots and then max the titel than maxing it with your para.


    as pure speed boost dwarven stability + dash are superior to your shouts. The build that system fan has posted is definetly better than using para shouts.

    Especially since you can also put shouts on your heroes (P/Rt or Rt/P works great wish ashes).

    The build you use can vary. In normal mode you often not might need perma SF, you can kick deadly paradoxon for something else.

    The runs:

    For speed in maxing the title I would suggest pongmei HM (nm doesnt count to title) and boreals station (a very fast run independent from class, however no OS drops). Many other fast runs (eternal grove) might be difficult as you will get energy problems with paragon, especially when going for a perma SF build.

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  • I did most of it in bores seabed. But there mostly trash drops besides naga bows, oni blades, emblazoned defender, jellyfish wand, embossed aegis. I sold the most stuff as unident.

    95% of the way you dont need sf or prot stuff. Derv/sin is best. +50% running speed and sf for 2 places. You only need anti knockdown.

    Build with alc:





    dark prison

    dwarven stability

    zealous renewal

    pious haste