Anniversary bow rit

  • Flatbows kind of suck for pvp having such a big arc. You at the very least need read the wind preparation and they’re still meh. For that reason I don’t see the rit being viable. You don’t get any interrupts, conditions, etc. which is what gives bow their character…your arrows would hit relatively hard but be sparse and idk what else you would do.

    Crit bow with the short bow may be OK, but bows aren’t exactly known for being the best dps weapons and I think you would struggle to fill out a bar that doesn’t just max out marksman for damage skills(which invalidates the purpose of the anni bow)

    Where the bows(and even stuff like monk hammer) shine is having a different range/style damage option in PvP. It can be nice to pull out the assassin short bow and still do some damage even when you can’t get to a target. The monk hammer hits way harder than a wand. Etc