Rough PC on various q9 Demon Shields

  • Hey, looking for a PC on the following please:

    All gold shields sharing these stats:

    Armor: 16 (q9 Tactics)

    Health +30

    Armor +10 (vs Demons)

    1. Exalted Aegis
    2. Ornate Buckler
    3. Reinforced Buckler
    4. Round Shield/Wooden Buckler
    5. Spiked Targe


    IGN: Water Tormentor

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  • All have significant value (at least xxa), however the exalted is outstanding (xxxa). Exalted 120-180a with bid war.

    My bet would be exalted > spiked > ornate buckler > round > reinforced buckler.

    This might or could heavily vary with individual interest.

    In case you are on seller side: dont sell to PM, dont rush, put all for auction.

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