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  • So http://www.guildwarslegacy.com is approaching 18 months old, and I'd like to pass on our thanks from the team to the community as a whole for supporting us. Personally I'm absolutely delighted with the response we've had, and I can honestly say that we're exceeding my own expectations for what we can achieve.

    And so to business. There will be a wholesale restructuring of the site in the future - can't say what or when because it'll be ready when it's ready, and not before.... but what we have planned will be a huge improvement on the current forum.
    As part of this restructuring, we are looking to add a series of guides. At present, we are examining which guides we'd like to include, so I'm asking for idea on which guides (beginner right up to elite) we should include. Furthermore, if anyone would like to contribute to these guides, let myself or Kevin know and we'll try to include what you have. We're also looking for guide authors, and any artwork you are prepared to let us use to make them look better.

    Secondly, I'd like to compile a list of all and any external resources and links we can include. The idea being that Legacy will become the centre point for all things Guildwars. At the moment there are dozens of resources but nothing tying them all together. So please comment here wth every GW related link you know of, and we'll set about contacting and arranging with the owners to include them.

    Can anyone with internet skills help us on putting some of this together?

    Lastly, none of this is free, and at the moment Kevin and I are funding Legacy ourselves. We have a donate button, but nobody is using it. We may have to include adverts on the site in the future if we can't get any donations. Even the old guru site had adverts. We'd like to keep it advert free if at all possible.

    So, what have you got?


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  • Running guides would be useful for some people, especially people needing to learn Cantha tour/Elona tour. Dungeon guides might be helpful for some people, if they want to learn to speed clear. Dungeons are pretty easy and I find them fun. Would not mind helping to make some if I have the time to. Could incorporate some chest run guides/spawn maps also since we have a thread for that already? Kaos has quite a few running videos that could be used if we asked him.

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  • For elona, you have to have certain quests activated and not activated as well as certain heroes. It's tedious and you can only get d
    So far. Cantha relies on two heroes and people that know how to portal jump.
    Only non issue runs are eye of the north tours. Prophecies without wik.

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