Sven's shop | wts (closed)

  • hello welcome to Sven's shop

    (i have the right to refuse sale at eny time and the right to sell in game at eny time .)

    when bidding plz leave in game name with bid/s :)

    wts the following :)

    req 8goldspathainsc15-22 damage136 gvr/b:50ac/o:b/o: 70a
    req 8goldforked swordinsc15-22 damage144gvr/b:50ac/o:b/o: 70a
    req 8goldfalchioninsc15-22 damage164gvr/b:50ac/o:b/o: 70a
    req 9 16ar strgoldamber aegisos (dyed white)-2 w/ ench10vs demons 288 gvr/b:15ac/o:8ab/o: 25aSOLD
    req 9 16ar strgoldamber aegisos (dyed black)30hp-3 hexed 208 gvr/b: 5ac/o:b/o:10a
    req 7 15ar tacbluecrude shieldinsc 92gvr/b:3a (r/b met by Hold This Heal) 24hr waitc/o:b/o: 6a SOLD
    added :)new---------new---------new----------new----------
    REQ8goldchaos axeos15^while in a stance208gvr/b:150ac/o:b/o: not set yet

    batch #2 new!!!! >>>>>q7, q8 shields <<<<<<<<

    req 8 16ar tacgoldsummit warlord shieldinsc 136 gvr/b:20ac/o:b/o: 30a
    req 8 16ar tacbluetribal shield (face)insc 57gvr/b:15ac/o:b/o:20a
    req 8 16ar tacbluesea purse shieldinsc 82gvr/b:15ac/o:b/o: 20a
    req 8 16ar tacbluemilitia shieldinsc 70gvr/b:15ac/o:b/o: 20a
    req 8 16ar tacbluereinforced bucklerinsc 60gvr/b:2ac/o:b/o: 3a
    req 8 16 ar tacgoldadamantine shieldinsc 252gvr/b:30ac/o:b/o: not set yet
    req 8 16 ar tacPURPLEoaken aegisinsc 162gvr/b: 20ac/o:b/o: not set yet
    req 8 16 ar tacbluespiked targeinsc 90gvr/b:15ac/o:b/o: not set yet
    req 7 15ar tacgoldgreat conchinsc 152gvr/b:2ac/o:b/o:not set yet
    req 7 15 ar strgoldcelestial shieldos10vs demons+43hp^stance (220gv)r/b:25ac/o:b/o: not set yet

    batch #3 new !!!!

    req 6 14ar strgoldcelestial shieldos10vs plants-2 stance (100 gv)r/b:10ac/o:b/o: not set yet
    req 6 14ar tacgoldcelestial shieldos29hp-2 w/ ench (152gv)r/b:1ac/o:b/o:not set yet
    req 6 14ar tacgoldcelestial shieldOS10vs lightning+43hp w/ench (104gv)r/b:1ac/o:b/o:not set yet
    req 9 19-35goldcolossal pickOS15^50OS (220 GV)r/b: 3ac/o:b/o:5a
    req 9 15-28goldbramble recurve bowos15^-10ar w/ attackingos (400gv)<<<<<<r/b:30ec/o:b/o: 50e
    req 9 15-22goldvertebreakeros+5energyos (220gv)r/b:3ac/o:b/o:5a
    req 9 7-17goldzodiac daggersos+5energyos (208gv)r/b:1ac/o:b/o:2a
    req9 11-22goldamber staffchannel OS20/20 (matching)os (204gv)r/b:10ac/o:b/o: not set yet
    req 11 11-22goldplatinum staffDOM OS20/20 (matching)os (264gv)r/b:5ac/o:b/o: not set yet


    HERE WE GO!!!!!

    REQ 9 16AR STRAMBER AEGISgold(dyed black rim)os10vs demons-2stance (388gv)r/b:15ac/o:b/o:20a
    req 9 16ar taccelestial shieldgoldos10vs demons-5 20%(216gv)r/b:15ac/o:b/o:20a
    req 9 16ar tacembossed aegisgoldos-2 stance10vs demonsr/b:15ac/o:b/o:20a
    req 9 16ar strcelestial shieldgoldos-2w/ench10vs demons (412 gv)r/b:15ac/o:b/o:20a
    req 9 16ar tac Sold in game bronze shieldgoldos10vs demons42hp w/ ench(212gv)r/b:15aC/O: 12A IN GAME(Last Wood Man)b/o: not set yet
    q11 16ar tacshield of the winggoldos30hp10vs demons (408gv)r/b:8ac/o:b/o:not set yet
    q11 16ar tacornate bucklergoldos+42hp w/ench10vs demons (220gv)r/b:8ac/o:b/o:not set yet
    q10 16ar tacaegisgoldos10vs demons42hp w/ench (264gv )r/b:8ac/o:b/o: not set yet
    q11 16ar tacreinforced bucklergoldos10vs demons43hp w/ench (248gv)r/b:8ac/o:b/o:not set yet
    q10 16ar strornate shieldgoldos10vs demons45hp w/stance (332gv)r/b:8ac/o:b/o:not set yet
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