• Hi!

    I am looking for some cool ranger pet builds, preferably with scythe or hammer. But anything is doable, except that I havent reached EotN yet. I am doing 0 death Ironman-GWAMM. Atm I am running Rampage with Scythe but somewhat I cannot get the perfect sync/build :)


    IGN: Iron Chuck Norris

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  • I'm assuming we're only talking about normal mode here. Hopefully it's obvious to you that a no shield melee build on a no deaths character is generally a bad idea.

    You'll want heavy investments in all of expertise + weapon + beast mastery and don't want to risk using major/superior runes (normally essential for rangers) so I wouldn't bother investing anywhere else.

    Some untested examples:

    Minor expertise and beast mastery runes plus an expertise helmet for all.

    Switch the attacks around as you see fit. I've gone for energy ones given they'll be basically free due to expertise + a zealous scythe. Farmer's Scythe could be a good pick once you get to Eye of the North.

    An attempt at an adrenaline based one instead. Assuming Withering Aura on a hero. Dark Fury would also be nice if you want to cater to yourself that heavily.

    Earthbind on a hero is ideal, perhaps essential. I don't know how the timing will work on Renewing Smash with only a 25% IAS.

    Ultimately once you get to the point where you can put together half decent hero builds you shouldn't have to worry much about minmaxing your own bar. As I said though, hm is a different story.

  • Hi Marty Silverblade

    Looks interesting, thanks for the input. Maybe I will try the hammer build, I think that looks the most fun. At the moment I have been running this build:

    1. Prepared Shot
    2. Sundering Attack
    3. Penetrating Attack
    4. Triple Shot
    5. Dwarven Stability
    6. Lightning Reflex
    7. "Save yourself!"
    8. Signet of Capture (For SKill Hunter title, always with me to cap elite skills)

    At the moment I have completed all campaigns except EotN, Hero builds are almost complete and good armor runes, been farming feathers for hours grinding. DOne a few bunch of HM content every day, HM missions, Vanquishing, zaishen quests. Currently at 1,8mil XP 0 death :)

    Currently my Hero setup is:

    1. ST rit
    2. SoS rit
    3. BiP healer
    4. MM Command
    5. Esurge mes
    6. Panic mes
    7. Thunderclap Air ele

    Have been working really well, few changes here and there every now and then :)

    IGN: Iron Chuck Norris