Equipment for Hundred Blade Warrior /

  • Hey,

    I play the Hundred Blade Warrior from PvX WIki .


    Weapon is a Sundering Sword of Fortitude with Inscription Strenght is honor and a Shield with fortitude and luck of the draw, For armor Survivor/Sentinel's Insignia, a Rune of Superior Vigor, a Rune of Clarity, and a Rune of Vitae are recommended.

    Can somebody explain to me which rune fits best on which armor piece.

    For some reason my armor is filled with radiant isngia.

    I dont know what I were thinking back then. I just remembered that I played alot of W/P back in the day.

  • Runes don't matter where they are placed and since you are using all the same insignia there are no choices to make with placement. rule of thumb is you want to at least keep armor boosting insignias on chest and legs as they are hit more often. The only thing you should have to worry about is if you use a stonefist insig (I like to put mine on the gloves for thematic reasons but it doesn't really matter)

  • for Sentinel's Insignias you should be sure to actually have the required 13 Strength (preferably 14 because of weakness), otherwise they are completely useless and wasted.

    I'd say the Insignias very largely depend on the area/ enemies you encounter, or simply on personal preference. Sentinel's sure is not bad, but in an area where you don't take any elemental damage it has no benefit. so eventually more than 1 armor set would be good. but until then just experiment with what you like and what works best.

    Read the descriptions, maybe read the wiki a bit and think about what youre doing and you will be fine

    Verdammter Choleriker lässt Folgendes fallen: Verfluchter Stab.

  • Vampiric is superior for damage over sundering. You'll also want to keep a zealous and elemental weapon.

    Luck of the Draw is never a good choice for a warrior. I don't know why the wiki page would suggest it as a "great example". It's only half as useful as -2/stance. The +10al vs <element> ones can be great picks but require you to pay attention to damage types and set up multiple shields.

    Swordsmanship rune goes on the helmet so that when you swap weapons you only have to swap that piece. Other runes can go wherever. I'd probably opt for a second vitae over clarity, though it likely won't make a difference either way.

    I suspect the radiant insignia were from you mistakenly believing that more energy = energy management. Sentinel or sentry would be the default choices.