What's the best Drunk Warrior build?

  • Hi. I'm back in the game after 15+ years out and have been having fun getting my 10 characters (one each class) back up and running. I find Warrior to be the most difficult build to have fun with. I have plenty of money and stockpiled booze. Is there a great always-drunk build that people have fun with on Warrior?

    Note: I play just PVE. All ten of my alts have finished the four main campaigns. I'm busy and play mostly one hour at a time, mostly doing Zaishen challenges (Bounty/Vanquish/Mission) and occasionally venturing into Beyond, which I never played back in the day. I have fully tricked-out Mesmerway support on all my alts and all the Anniversary Elite skills.

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    Unfortunately there are only three skills that benefit from the user being drunk and none of them provide any particularly interesting functionality so you're not going to end up with something that feels substantially different to non-drunk builds. Nevertheless, some (untested) ideas:

    -Feel No Pain: it's not worth bringing inherently, but you could make use of it by combining it with skills that require you to have more health than your opponent. Example.
    -Drunken Master: this doesn't typically appear on warrior bars because warriors have multiple viable attack speed boosters, but if you're willing to burn a pve-only slot the speed boost is of course better than the downsides of flail or frenzy or whatever. Conceptually there's nothing to specifically leverage here.
    -Dwarven Stability: the only worthwhile use of a stance duration boost for a warrior would be a Dwarven Battle Stance build. Example. Trying to leverage the kd immunity is difficult because it's an enchantment, it has a 30 second recharge, you'll be aggroing first, and mesmerway generally lacks enchantments, so you can't expect to be able to keep it up reliably in the face of any non-trivial enchant removal. When people seek kd immunity they opt for I Am Unstoppable, which does the job much better. Coincidentally though, kd immunity skills can be combined with skills that would usually knock yourself down after use, one of which is called Drunken Blow. Typically it'd be combined with Steady Stance but that was nerfed. Maybe this instead?

    In all builds, weakness is assumed to come from Withering Aura on a hero.