Unlocking hero skills

  • Hey guys, just had a question regarding hero skills.

    Heroes get access to all your unlocked account skills, as soon the hero is unlocked on a character, right?. That made me think, what exactly is the point of [Hero Skill Trainer]s? Wouldn't it just be easier to buy the skill on one of your characters if you want your heroes to access it? It also seems these hero skill trainers offer (and accept payment for) unlocking skills you've already obtained on your account anyway.
    The wiki page on hero skill trainers doesn't really cover the above, and I'd be keen to know if there are simple things I'm missing somewhere regarding skills and heroes!


  • Im not sure but i belive it was made when NF was released u were able earn the Hero skill points so u could skill ur heros without spending alot cash to unlocking skills on urself, thesedays when that 1k for skill is nothing i guess it wont matter but back in 06 it was "alot" so it was good there was way only to unlock skill for ur hero especially if it was like derv/para and u didnt nessecerely have that character urself or even were unable switch ur 2nd prof for it in early game

    • Source of Sunspear PvE skills.
    • Saves you paying gold for it, does not increase the cost of regular skill trainer services -> encouraged players to spend more time raising their PvE title ranks for "free" skills.
    • Get skills for professions you did not yet unlock as secondary professions.
    • Get skills earlier than skill trainers have them. Only relevant if those skills are not yet unlocked on the account.
    • More convenient to put an NPC over there than to tie the skills to skill quests as in the Factions tutorial and Prophecies.

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  • Its good for when you make new characters. You can get skills for free. Also good until you have unlocked all the hero skills for newer accounts to get heroes up to speed.

    What would be nice is if you have already unlocked those skills on your account for them to not show up at the hero skill trainers ---still need them at the character skill trainer, since once unlocked they are good for all heroes with that profession (primary or secondary).

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