Aion Wings and Guild Wars Shop

  • I have been recently wondering if I could still get the Aion wings somehow... I found a really old yt walkthrough - but the pages don´t exist any longer, I can´t get an Anet Acc, I can´t enter the code there, nothing. If ANYONE could tell me how to still obtain the Aion wings - I´d be very happy. Or would you ask the support for help?

    Also I´ve been wondering, if the Guild Wars Shop does still work - since it doesn´t look like intended anymore... any recent experiences?


    cheers, Red

    alright: summary for everyone:

    Shop works, Aion wings from amazon (I wouldn´t trust anyone ingame who claims to sell for ig money - if you want to purchase this way use a trade moderator!)

    Thanks for all help!

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  • If I recall correctly I got my wings by buying a special copy of aion, and the code came with it (I gave the game to a friend since I had no plans to play it). As for the shop, I talked to someone ingame that had just bought a costume, so I will asssume that it still works. I know thats not much.

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  • Ebay or Amazon is a good place for the Aion wings code.

    Link for Aion Wings via Amazon :…tailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    Link for Guild Wars Store :…93000/categoryID.67871700

    I bought one of the Aion codes back in 2016 from that link and I also tend to use the Guild Wars store more often than I should :D

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  • Oh yeah, the good old wings promotion. Glad they still can be had. I think I got mine from eBay too during that time since I wasn't going to play Aion.

    Now all we need is a way to get the original pre order codes. I picked them all up at the various retail locations for the American ones, but was never able to get my hands on a code for the European one - Chimeric Prism I think it was.