Paragon solo farming

  • Thanks. Yes I should have started this whole youtube stuff years ago...

    OR.........Now is the PERFECT time!

    Would your video have even made an impression years ago when all of the "Game Fad" players were playing,

    talking garbage about how their own builds were the finest and everyone else was a noob.

    All of them were writing tons of builds for pvx wiki, only to have to write new ones constantly after all of the skill nerf updates

    Where are they all now? Those are the people that do not play anymore.

    The novelty has worn off and they've moved on to the newest fad!

    And where are all of their skill boards? Archived, in pvx wiki, because they are no longer viable.

    No..... I think your timing is just perfect.

    If no one was playing, this game would be shut down and the 2 devs would not be making the updates that they are now.

    Indeed, There are still plenty of people playing the game that this information will benefit.

    Those who truly love the game are still, like me, always looking for fresh input too.

    Add to that the fact that the skills are finished being nerfed, so your info will remain relevant for many years to come.

    My opinion is that you did a good thing here for all of the loyal players, and there ARE MANY!

    Most important to me is that you chose a profession that I, for one, need more ideas for.

    I have a 55 monk (& 55 necro as well), I've run the shadow form sin, Vaettir farm on my ele,

    I've done the 600 builds and a warrior needs very little with 100 blades and tank skills.

    I've never done much except imbagon team support with my para, so this is cool!

    So please, don't let one opinion get you down, everyone has them... (I'll refrain from using the rest of that statement).

    Instead, please keep your ideas and videos coming.

    Who knows, your videos on You Tube may spark interest and cause more players to return to the game.

    I for one THANK YOU!

    Be Yourself ~ Everyone Else Is Already Taken!

  • Yeah your videos actually got me back into the game, I was on YouTube watching something about MMOs and saw one of your farm videos in the feed, I was like “Guild Wars!8|” Watched a couple videos, and logged back in about a month ago, so yeah man keep doing your thing i subscribed.

    Treasure :nec: Hunter