A New Chess - GH Scrims - no PvP exp req

  • A New Chess [ANC]


    Casual PvP is overrun with bots. Serious PvP sees bots as well. I created this guild with the intention of bringing great PvP back to Guild Wars - without the cheating. We will run 4v4 Guild Hall scrimmages to get some good games going, and run 8v8 in the future when we build up. Creative builds are strongly encouraged, and positive attitudes are a must. Any third-party program that gives players a significant advantage is not permitted.

    Leave your IGN if you are interested and any questions you might have.

    - Saxazax I I


  • Saxazax

    Changed the title of the thread from “A New Chess - GH Scrims - no pvp exp req” to “A New Chess - GH Scrims - no PvP exp req”.