Vaettirs vs. Raptors for Anniversary Celebration farming?

  • Hey guys,

    As I'm sure you know, bosses can drop the 50 pt consumables during the anniversary celebration. They sell for quite a decent amount given what they are. With that said, I'm curious if farming raptors would be much more profitable than farming vaettirs for this event? I've never farmed for the three 50 pt items before, so I don't know what the drop rate is like. If there's a noticeable drop rate, then I have no problem rolling a warrior and getting it to Rata before the 22nd.


  • From memory, there are 60 Vaettirs in a full clear, and 36 raptors in a perfect pull. I can do raptors in /age 0 mins, Vaettirs are /age 3 mins if I remember right. Also you zone to Rata Sum where you can merch. For Vaettirs you have to run through a whole area, or rely on merch stones. Plus the Raptor boss.

    So imo Raptors should be better for events.

  • I'm probably going to stick with Vaettirs, even though I can't get the 50 pt consumables from them. I've done testing with both this past week, and I can be pretty inconsistent with Raptors, i.e. sometimes I don't kill Rekoff. With Vaettirs, I can be rather lazy.