Moving trading place to Henge of Denravi

  • Let's be honest, embark is a shitty outpost.

    Therefore I propose you to move to Henge of Denravi.


    One of the biggest outpost.

    Very far away from bots as it would require them to be ran there before getting reported by players

    Nostalgia (HoD Sword)

    Droods, droods, droods

    Carlotta & Shadow <3

    Sacred Settlement.

    You probably have at least one character that has it unlocked, for those who don't, I'd run you there from LA.

    The outpost is warm due to being inside a jungle, therefore even your half naked monk would feel good there and if it gets too hot, feel free to take a bath in the natural pool near the fountain.

    A wooden arena, boats, a fountain, waterfalls, what else do you need?

    PS : Droknar is too cold but could be a great candidate too but my heart balances for Maguuma.