Snipe a gold seller bot with a headshot

  • That gold seller bot you’re trying to report not in the same district? It’s programmed to jump district as soon as it’s dumped it’s spam into the chat window. So here’s how to deal with that:

    1. Click on its name in the chat to send it a whisper.

    2. Highlight it’s name and press Ctrl-c

    3. Type /report (and then press Ctrl-v)

    4. Press return. Oh look. It’s not in the same district any more. Don’t worry. Keep doing this next bit over and over until you get it:

    5. Press return again.

    6. Press the up arrow

    7. Press return

    Repeat steps 5,6,7 until you get it.

    8. Report it for spamming first.

    9. Do it again for and report for botting.

    There is a window of about 3-4 seconds while the bot loads into the district when the servers register it as present, but it can’t drop its spam until the load has finished. That’s when you snipe it. Headshot.


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