Snipe a gold seller bot with a headshot

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    That gold seller bot you’re trying to report not in the same district? It’s programmed to jump district as soon as it’s dumped it’s spam into the chat window in an attempt to avoid being reported. So here’s how to deal with that:

    1. Click on its name in the chat to send it a whisper.
    2. Highlight it’s name in your chat window and press Ctrl-c
    3. Type /report [and then press Ctrl-v]
    4. Press return. Oh look. It’s not in the same district any more. Don’t worry. Keep doing this next bit over and over until you get it:
    5. Press return again.
    6. Press the up arrow
    7. Press return

    Repeat steps 5,6,7 until you get it. It’s programmed to cycle back into the district shortly.

    1. Report it for spamming first.
    2. Do it again and report for botting.

    There is a window of about 3-4 seconds while the bot loads into the district when the servers register it as present, but it can’t drop its spam until the load has finished. That’s when you snipe it. Headshot.


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  • I had a thought...

    Anet has been banning some of the website spam bots but is there a way to get the website storage accounts too?

    Would it be possible to 'purchase' a small (as cheap as possible) amount so they have to meet you to deliver the stuff and then report the account that makes the delivery. Yes, buying bad, but, if you only did it to trap rmt storage accounts is it truly 'bad'? You could then drop 'purchases' on the ground and leave the explorable or just trashcan the stuff so in reality you only 'purchased' the chance to possibly nuke some of their inventory. You wouldn't be gaining anything in game if you trash the items, you would just lose a few bucks and possibly identify a website storage mule.

    If something like this could be set up with anet's blessing (albeit probably not their money) it might be a good way to grief some sites into closing down.

    as I said, its just an idea and probably a poor one, but, there must be a way to hurt them more than just getting advertising bots banned.

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  • I think that the anet people should do that themselves---they have plenty of accounts they can use as dummy agents...and ways of getting their money back from the thieves. So I would leave that part to them--if they wish to.

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  • I think that the anet people should do that themselves---they have plenty of accounts they can use as dummy agents...and ways of getting their money back from the thieves. So I would leave that part to them--if they wish to.

    Yes, i agree it is something ANet should do themselves, but, the only obvious recent action has been the ban hammer for their spammers and there is always replacements. I figured it was more likely players being proactive would provide quicker results since there is limited staff doing stuff for gw1 these days. If ANet knew it was taking place they could check logs and find useful info possibly.

    Really all I want is less of the spam but kill one 3 more show up so go after the sites somehow. ?(

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  • Anyone else notice that 'Candy Shop A(x,n,d,etc)' seems to cycle through accounts with only the last letter changing? They each spam for a day or two, disappear, and another spams for a day or two...

    The "id" letters on the end seem to repeat after a while, which makes me wonder if they get a few day ban for spamming then the next shows up and so on and the cycle repeats back to the start when the few day spam ban is over.

    It makes me a bit annoyed since it seems like those accounts aren't perma banned for being associated with RMT sites, they just seem to get a few days off every so often for spamming.

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  • Along time ago there was this conspiracy theory that A Net actually had gold sellers planted

    in each major outpost to bust those players that would actually dare to buy...

    I remember some gamers warning others in Kamadan not to buy from particular gold sellers,

    as this was the case...

    If there was any truth behind it, it could explain the slap on the wrist for some "spammer/bots"

    More to the point, I think that it takes ANet a couple of days to respond to each report,

    so the sellers just cycle their bots to ensure it's not a lengthier ban.

    I'm sure the consequences are more severe for players that continually spam,

    as opposed to those that only spam intermittently.

    Either way Looney, I do agree with your June 2nd post.

    It is the storage accounts that should be shut down, that would definitely do more harm.

    Just don't get yourself shut down for trying, violating the EULA is just that.

    ANet will say that there is no reasonable excuse...

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  • Quite frankly, I would be scared as sh&t to give my credit card acct number to some site that has to hide to keep from being banned, or am I just naive!

    That's why PayPal , Skrill or virtual pre paid cards are in use for those dodgy sites.

    They could wipe this cancer in 15 minutes and it would cost them nothing.