Aranvar's bazar : Mostly gold weapons, mods, minis etc...

  • Hi...I have got tons of things that unecessarily fill my xunlai chest, but I dont want to just throw them away while cleaning up the mess X/

    Ill make a written list because Im quite lazy to put the full screenshots, and also because I assume most of the presented items are of low value anyways...but who knows, they might interest someone, even just for the skins.

    I will delete them from the inventory after a month.

    I will update this page with what I want to sell instead of just creating another thread afterward.

    IG : Aranvar du soleil

    So here is the full list:

    weapons (all rare max damage unmodded):

    - Holy branch (q9 divine favor inscr)

    - dragon spire staff (q9 inspiration inscr)

    - Jeweled staff (q9 inscr)

    - Illusory staff (q9 inscr)

    - platinum longbow (q9 inscr)

    - Fiery blade axe (q9 inscr)

    - Fiery dragon sword (q9 inscr)

    - Greater sage blade (q9 inscr)

    - eerie rod (q9 communing inscr)

    - Jeweled daggers (q9 inscr)

    - talon daggers (q9 inscr)

    - crystal wand (q9 inspiration inscr)

    - twin hammer (q9 inscr)

    - skull shield (q9 command and tactic inscr)

    - embossed aegis (q9 strengh, non inscr, +43 while enchanted)

    - platinum wand (q9 divine favor and spawning power inscr)

    - reinforced defender (q9 command)

    - dead bow (q9 inscr)

    - harmonic rod (q9 communing inscr)

    - skull brush (q9 curses inscr)

    - wooden buckler (q9 tactics inscr)

    - Ornate buckler (q9 tactics inscr)

    - vabbian defender (q9 motivation inscr)

    - embossed scythe (q9 inscr)

    - savage daggers (q9 inscr)

    - deadly cesta (q9 death inscr)


    - victo's maul

    - eldrich's sword


    Gaki polymock piece

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  • 50e on the Victo’s Maul please.

    ( Kabong , thats for you old chap)

    I should be able to get in game in about an hour an a half from now. Or just sell it to O Kabongalina O (Kabong) because it’s for his hammer collection.

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  • Bump + small update of the list...

    PS: I present to youy sincere apologizes Kabong, I was confused by this story of this seemingly overpriced green hammer, and didnt mean to deteriorate you reputation as a seller.

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