Black Dye Missing?

  • No white either.

    When the prices go very low, a bunch of jokers in Kamadan buy it out, trying to get the price to boost.

    Then they either sell it to other players at an exorbitant rate, or wait for the price to raise and sell back to trader for the increase.

    It's a seasonal thing....

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  • Which in turn causes some players to "panic buy", reducing availability further. In an economy this small, a single troll can easily empty a merchant. The same thing happened with Celestial Sigils ages ago.

  • Wow I didn't even notice the white missing. Nice catch!

    I'm glad I'm not one of those people who needs to panic buy because I keep a stack of every available dye for personal use. I just thought it was weird to see a dye(s) :P missing. I don't remember this ever happening before.

  • It's happened a few times before that I can remember, and it's usually the Kamadan Dye Trader used to do it.

    They generally make an offhand remark about shutting down the Dye Trader entirely (when prices are rock bottom)

    They then proceed to start buying Blacks and Whites, after which they usually get bored and quit.

    It will be interesting to see if they ever actually overcome their boredom and buy out the trader completely.

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  • just a stupid we really have all that much stuff still to be dying? (I know I have a goodly amount of dyes on a mule saved up for any new things I might get to dye, so I rarely need the dye trader anymore)

    And with the huge fluctuations of black dye prices, are they being used for currency (outside of pre)?

    (and no, I am not a fan of black so I dont usually use it anyways---only when I need to make an armor color darker, and then it usually doesnt work anyways....)

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  • Yeah they're use for bartering when gold isn't enough.


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  • Yes, someone or somebodys have bought them all out - which isn't that hard to do.

    Ask around in your guild and you'll find several people who have stacks of them and are willing to part with them (usually free or at a reasonable price).

    It's just people pushing prices down- I'm loving the normal mats trader prices at the moment, making cons etc is currently very cheap!