WTB OS Shields, Gold weps + more

  • Current buy list:

    OS Creature Shields - Interested in any skin / req with mods +10vs Charr, Dwarves, Skele, Tengu, Troll and Giants.

    OS Condition shields - Interested in any skin / req with mods 20% reduced Bleeding, Blind, Crippled, Dazed, Poison, Weakness

    Random Inscribable stuff (Any req):

    Glowing Runic Maul

    Shadow Blade

    Crab Claw Maul


    Terror Scythe

    Mallyx's Savagery

    Stygian Scythe

    Taameh's Scythe

    Myish's Scythe

    Milefaun's Staff

    The Skullflayer

    Kantoh's Walking Stick

    Phoenix's Retribution


    Q0 Scythe (dmg 8-16/17)

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