Amber Wand - q9 Illusion +5^50 HSR 20% illu

  • imo only auction can tell, almost impossible to tell a price until it hits the market...rly depends on interest id say, can be 100e or 20a. Its rare to see req and mods match eachother but yet 5^50 isnt the most wanted mod imo, if it would be a common skin id say 50e tops but for me amber wands are not common, atleast not with req/mod matching (since they can drop on many reqs with random mods)...if it would be mine i wouldnt let it go for any less than 300e and even for that i would think about selling twice


    ign: Katze Kami

  • i agree with expugnare , i wouldn't sell it under 400e. Skin is not the best but it's really rare. I think you can choose your price among these PCs. If a collector want this item , he 'll pay for it because it will be very hard to find another wand like this one : ) . It depends on your patience and your luck. Because even with PC , it may take a longtime before you sell ( or not xD).

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