The Dye-Pocalypse has arrived

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    Hello there,

    Hope you all stacked your useless dyes as people decided to empty the Dye Trader.

    There's currently no dye left : pasted-from-clipboard.png

    People are buying white for 4k each and black for 5e ea.

    As a result, I'll only be paying in black dyes from now on.

    I encourage you to follow my movement, make black dyes GREAT AGAIN ! @DyeTraderBartom #BlackDyesMatters


  • As someone who hordes multiple stacks of each dye, I am very happy to see this xD Can't believe someone actually did this though, I mean its always been possible with the right amount of cash but its kinda cool that someone did it.

    Now I wait for the rare trader to be completely out of stock. Please crazy people, make it happen!

  • /facepalm

    really hoarding dye? good thing I have tons of them on each of my accounts (which I rarely use...have been dying weapons now when I pick up dye just to feel like its useful).

    So I think this will backfire on the folks hoarding as the only colors peeps really care about are black and white. (I think I have a few stacks of red just from the festival ..Nian! )

    edit: everything seems to be back to normal as of my post (minus black dye, but that usually is pretty limited anyways---)

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  • ~250k is enough to solo empty the trader from all of the dyes, but after half an hour everything comes back to normal, so you would need a bot that constantly buys the dyes. I also emptied rare material trader from rubies today after buying 270 of them (price went from 1.4k to 2.4k), but similarly after like 15min rubies were available again.

  • You posted this earlier today in the selling forum, and it's still neither funny, nor accurate, TE.

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  • You posted this earlier today in the selling forum, and it's still neither funny, nor accurate, TE.

    Thanks for posting your opinion.

    It was accurate when I posted it but perhaps you have a hard doing maths so I'll help you out : 14-7=7.

    You posted 7 hours later talking about accuracy !

    PS : If you dislike a joke just don't post about it lol

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    As for the dye trader ending up dry it wasn't only me but at least 30 people who gathered randomly at spammadan and started buying for fun.

    Btw my thread on legacy was a joke.

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  • I noticed something odd...

    Dye trader had a few white so I bought him out, I had some in storage too. I would sell him 5 so he would have white. Since he sells what players sell him I bought the whites back but he had 8 to sell. I did it a few times, i'd sell him 5 but there was always 8 available to buy back.

    Maybe it doesn't apply to blacks, but, for white it seemed like he always had 1.5x the 5 I sold him (anet math rounds up ofc).

    I didn't try selling him more than 5 or other colors, I wasn't that bored, but it seemed kinda odd how 5 sold to him was always 8 available to buy.

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  • It's quite interesting how the game mechanics works, which means this might be a good thing to also explore it.

    The more we know of the inner workings of the game engine, we more faithful clone can we try to reproduce the day the server shuts down.

    This is assuming Anet won't come after us with a vengeance. In case of Anet I do have faith it could be done with their blessing provided we don't drag their good name down in the dirt. And in the case the new server is very effective with a few modern features, maybe Anet will claim it back and restart the servers again. I doubt they would pay for it, but they might provide the designers with a few ingame treats.

    Yes, I'm an eternal optimistic ^^

  • How many times did you try with the whites... and was it all in a one window period of time or off and on?

    My logic and reasoning are getting itchy for an answer here.

    I'm just wondering if maybe someone else was selling back at the very same time you were testing, creating more inventory.

    Then, the game mechanics would only allow 8 to be sold to one individual to reduce the chance of another color crash.

    From what I read earlier, it appears it took more than 1 individual buying to empty a color. (5 or 6 I think I read)

    If that's the case, maybe it automatically wouldn't sell more than 8 to a single player.

    If that's the case also, a single player could never achieve alone what happened above,

    It's an Accute Dyespiracy Attack plain and simple! (Let's hope it never becomes chronic!)

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  • It was within a short period of time, maybe 10 minutes, because I had a white dye drop and I happened to think of 'dyepocalypse'. I suppose someone could have been selling him the extra 3 to another dye trader somewhere, but considering the short window of time between me emptying him and selling 5 back, then emptying him again, i'm not sure. I tried it about 10x in those 10 minutes and it was sell 5 and buy 8 back every time.

    I did close the merch window and talk to him again to reopen the window each time to refresh his stock.

    Tested again yesterday, he was out of white when I went to him. First time I sold him 5 and was able to buy 7 back. Tried again about 15 min later, sold him 5 and bought 8 back.

    I'm pretty sure others are doing the same thing as his sell price is slowly creeping up, but, it still seems odd that he always has more to sell me than I sell him.

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