Morostav Trail (MTSC) Kurzick Faction Farming

  • Greeting,
    For anyone wanting to rank up their Kurzick title afk, I can vanquish Morostav Trail for you repeatedly.

    20e per run (which is approximately 21-23k Kurzick faction) and takes around 30 minutes. All you need is a vampiric weapon equipped just in case.

    You can leave your IGN below and I'll contact you when I'm online.

  • I am interested in these runs once the Wayfarer's Reverie begins. I will update this post soon, once I have determined how many runs I would need to max the title.

    Edit: I've apparently never donated Kurzick faction, so I would need enough runs to max. Assuming double giving 80k during the event, this works out to 125 runs (which seems a bit excessive). I am willing to pay a bit more during the event if it's actually doubled, which is something we can discuss in game.

    My IGN: T D Has An Assassin

    Edited once, last by T D: Added how many runs I'd need ().