Staff vs Wand

  • Hi all,

    Been playing for a long time, loading my heroes with weapons I get over time (greens and golds mostly).

    What's a better strategy, wand and offhand or staves? I've done some research and am still undecided.

    Keep in mind I'm a traditionalist with weapons, no daggers for my rit, my rangers have bows, etc with one exception: Vekk needs a r5 enchant sword and the bison cup.

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  • I prefer staves on most caster heroes since the universal recharge mod helps with split attributes in the skill bar and health mods on staves are more slightly more efficient relative to energy than on armor (6:1 vs 5:1).

    My main exception is with necromancers that I have run as extra mesmers. They tend to get 40/40 wand + focus sets since they are pretty tanky as-is due to using Tormentor Insignias and only needing a +1 skill rune.

  • Personally I'm a wand + focus guy, no matter what. However, my caster Heroes get both wands and staves. Usually their build will determine what they get. Except for Olias, because he's a staff guy. He told me so.

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  • Wand offhand 40/40 basicly if you want them to spam as much as possible the bare unconditional stuff, like healing or damaging spells alike.

    Not to expensive to craft, costs around 100-140k gold for seven heroes.

    Staff 20/20/20 with 20% ench, if you want certain spellcaster heroes have important enchantments lasting longer for obvious reasons.

    Usually a modded Staff put toghether, around 20-40k.

    +5 energy +30hp spear +30hp shield purely for defensive reasons or reducing the impact of Superior runes, aswell for certain area's in the game to prevent being targeted by certain spells.

    Prayer of the Forgotten + Collector / Crafter shield easiest to get, Will cost around 180-240k gold for seven heroes

    20/20 +60HP Staff, right in the middle of wand offhand and the spear shield combination.

    Commonly found on various Green Staffs for plenty of professions.

    Average costs are 180-260k for seven heroes due their good stat distribution.

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