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  • Hello there!

    I just came back to gw and found this shield in my storage. Defender q10 str -2 stance -2 enchanted. Does this sell good? How much should i ask for it?



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  • Yes. That’s a lovely shield. I’m not going to value it as I need it for my collection, and will be extremely interested.

    List it for sale here on Legacy, and do NOT sell it ingame or to Private offers - you’ll rip yourself off spectacularly.

    I want this.

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  • q10 -2/-2 Wooden buckler was sold here on legacy sometime ago for someting like 30-40a if i remember correct

    Strength dual reductions are alot rarer due only few skins from tyria are Stre so id excpect more.

    But as max said, better post for sale and see the offers how it goes.

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