Better to sell minis or tonics in pre-sear or post-sear

  • If you read my intro, I just finished maxing out my warrior for Defender of Ascalon about 12 years after I created the character.

    I do have birthday vouchers that I have not yet used, so my questions are:

    1) Should I try to sell all of my mini and tonics before moving the character post-sear?

    2) Is the sixth or seventh birthday presents better for selling in pre-sear or should I just hold onto the voucher (I haven’t used any of the ones I have post sear because of inventory space, so as can stack those).

    Thanks in advance.

  • 1st, 2nd,... 6th and 7th "Present"s can be traded like all 1st-7th year Presents.

    That said Vouchers and "Surprise Box"es can't be put into the trade window, so, can't be sold.

    You need to use ur vouchers for "Box"es and open them, then sell the contents somewhere.

    With them most ppl get either 6th or 7th.

    6th for tonics, which have a limited appeal, especially in Post due to tons of ageing players. In pre Kuuna sells well tho 100-120bd last I knew, but 100e max in post.... the thing is the pre bd to post currency is ~5bd=1arm so pre is the better spot if you get lucky.

    7th for the random purple-green mini with a chance of those certain few actually semi-worthwhile 'non-birthday' minis (Naga, Oni, Shiro'ken, Zhed, Vizu) which are a rare thing from 7th presents/boxes... those are worth it but the rest are trashcan/giveaway/few k.

    Presearing.Boards.Net Mini/Tonic General PC is a good resource for pre prices, and relatively well updated.

    and searches can show you Post prices.

    Tl;dr better to sell in pre, but depends on your luck opening them yourself.

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  • I would agree with Looney, crack 'em open in Pre and see what you get! You're going to get more money for them there.

    If you do get lucky and find something nice you want to sell make sure you use a trade moderator if you are trading it for post currencies. I've sold a couple of tonics in Pre for Post Ectos!


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