• Back in my days (thread reference :P ) i loved to play PVP, are there still enough players? I tried Alliance Battle and JQ but i either didnt find a group or there were only bots :(

    Are there any ways to play "real" PVP?

    thanks for letting me know

    ign: Fallen Stone

  • RA is playable, but littered with bots.

    Daily GvG is pretty much nonexistent, so only Monthly Automated Tournaments and occasional scrims.

    AB is active only during double points weeks, which is actually this week (the games usually happen daily between 10pm-2am of London Time).

    FA is active on the weekends (also 10pm-2am London Time)

    JQ hasn't been active since 2014 maybe. Now it's only bots farming Zaishen Keys.

    Codex is dead.

    HA is worse than JQ, a place for some desperate wannabes syncing points and actually thinking that PvP titles still mean something.

    and that's pretty much it.

  • TA also much fun, mostly did while waiting enuf ppl to play GvG, but the map is already gone for long.

    btw RA is realy bad now, entered several time, teams up with bots, and got "jumping-frog-hex" after =O

    changed the name of this game in my desktop to "bot wars" lol

  • Unfortunately, PvP died off after GW went into maintenance mode while the team worked on GW2. There have always been bots, but they seem worse now since we have fewer people to drown them out.

    As Smexy said, there is a group that organizes FA battles every weekend, and AB battles during the bonus times. They'll also do JQ on occasion during a bonus time or for the Z quest.

    At this point, for anything else, our best bet is just to try to get a group of players organized to play together in the other arenas - enough to fill out both teams.