Dibs on the Body [Dibs]

  • Hello!
    Dibs on the Body [Dibs] is recruiting. :)
    Yea, we are in an outpost owning alliance (The Oacen Enclave [TOE] owns Vasburg Armory atm), we do... well nearly everything in the game, but would like to accept new, or old players.
    We are up to speedclears, HA, dungeones, VQ, Zaishen stuff, title grinding, elite zones, anything.
    We have Discord server, what is recommended, but not required.
    Let's see, what did i miss? Oh yea, we are very friendly, and helpful. :D

    Oh yea, and we are kurzicks, and would be good if the members could donate at least 5k every day. That's not too much, right? :)

    If anyone of you are interested add me, or my guild leader to friendlist.
    I am usually online in european afternoons, nights - look for Chao Rinshen.
    The leader is american, so if you can be online in american standards, then look for Leonardo Da Grinchi.

    See you ingame! :)

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