[Ouch] Recruiting

  • Dhuums Fractured But Whole [Ouch]

    Freshly started guild looking for laid-back people.

    We're a bunch of old friends who've gathered to build a guild again.

    We've been around since the early days the most of us.

    We have a relaxed atmosphere and no requirements as of now.

    Our aim is to be able to do a variety of things on a daily basis.

    Things we're aiming to do/already doing:

    - DungeonSC's

    Such as Shards of Orr, Kathandrax, Bogroots Growth, etc.

    - Underworld

    - Fissure of Woe

    - Zaishen Vanquish/Bounty/Mission

    - Hall of Heroes

    - Title Hunting

    & more.

    Recently we joined the alliance of Gods of Mortals [Gwam]

    who are Kurzick and together we own a town.

    At the moment we are around 15 people in the guild but looking to grow

    in the upcoming weeks.

    If this feels like the guild for you do not hesitate to contact us either here or ingame.



    I Ching I


    Specter Wazariq

    Qunty Kvark

    Vita Samidare

    See you in game, peace & love

    I'm not that important.

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