PC Some OS stuff

  • not an expert but i'll give my opinion.

    2. is nice 20-50e possibly

    3. is nice skin but mods not the best, maybe merch or an ecto or so

    4. dual mod but hard sell, i'd merch that

    5. salvage the 20% mod then super merch

    6. another nice skin inherent is Ehh, not sure 5-10e more or merch

    7. is sexy possible few 150e or so give or take

    8. also sexy collectors like these

    9. meh i would merch but idk 2-7e hard sale salvage the mods

  • Not sure why someone would pay 5-8a for a naked q9 Blood Dragon staff with an Adept mod on it, I would be very happy if I got 150e for it :)

    3. Personally I'd merch it, but might get 2-4e if patient, though I doubt it.

    4. I'd merch

    6. Agree with Cloud, 5-10e

    9. I would merch, but might get 2-4e if patient.

  • cosyfiep

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