Paying for chest running service

  • Looking for someone to farm in proph or cantha where ever they want however they want (I would suggest chest running rather then killing the mobs). You bring me items, if I like them I will pay a decent amount of $$$ for items. A q9 tac shield could fetch anywhere from 5 to 50e. A q9 focus/wand could fetch anywhere from 3 to 30e. A q9 staff could fetch anywhere from 1-30e. A q9 sword could fetch anywhere from 1-25e. I don't mind if you farm low reqs, I will buy as long as they are gold and max damage, AR, or energy. I will also buy purple shields as I am collecting all mod varieties. Yup this is going to take a while. Q8s will fetch more then prices listed above, expect for a good gold skin 100e+. I am only interested in purple q8 shields, the rest of the purple q8s can go ahead and end up in someone else inventory. Make sure to leave the items unidentified!

    Cheers and good luck farming!