Need Price Check Sea Purse!

  • Agree with Jack. The drop rate on Sea Purse is low in general so to get a good req is very hard. On top of that it’s a way nicer skin than your more common shields. 5a minimum or keep it for yourself

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  • If 8/16 sure. This won't sell for more than 2a easily.

    Lol I'd pay 5a for it right now and I would bet if Jack didn't have it already he would do the same.

    Not a great reference for the state of the game but to think this is only worth 2a shows how little the general population knows about how hard it is to acquire this.

    IGN: King Ectoplasmus

    Collecting gold q8 14-26 spears! These are often merched. Save them for me <3

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  • 15/7 sells just as good as 16/8 imo, agree with jack ( i sold 15/7 woven/sun&moon shields for 5-10a last year and sea purse is way more rare so it should get you atleast same)


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  • I sold one of these to jack I believe for like 10-15a. But I don’t think many people need it anymore so might be rough sale.

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  • i think s/b 1a is fair and then see where it goes, as always with these things. all the ranges other people mentioned could be right, depends on the people who see your post....

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  • I won’t mention the 200 bid one similar shield recieved last year, for being unsure about the finale transaction.

    Anyway, q7/15 et even more valuable in pvp’s area. Q8 and q7 are pretty much the same, but it seems that q7 are most popular.

    So no, hyndzy i’m sry But you’re wrong on this one.

    But joker is right, put it for sell, and see by yourself.

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  • 50-75e

    That is very very low and unrealistic. Simple items sell that much now a days. I don't know the range it can reach but I recommend putting it up for auction to OP. A perspective of acquisition to make it clearer as to the rarity. In a farming perspective 50-75e can be earned in 5-6 hours of UW chaos plains solo farming. Easy to repeat results. This shield comes from a highly non-farmed campaign, non chest drop as it is blue, and bots haven't flooded the mobs that can drop this item. I would estimate if you were to try and farm this it would take 50-100 hours of a moderately efficient solo farm build. While that small lot of ectos could be had in a day. So if you go by sheer time investment it is quite disproportionate.

  • I'm basing my value off of desire. PvP is done hence the desire for such items isn't anything like it used to be. Let's see where it goes before we jump down throats eh lads?

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