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    I got to thinking after my q8/16 blue magma/eternal hunting that can the same be had for shadow shields? I know the only probable spot would be the quest drakes on a plain but not sure the 1-2 obsidian drakes can even drop shadow shields.

    I think I will be moving onto some Q8 exploration for inscription items as a break from OS frustration of non perfects. What are some NF based ones that are questionable whether they still drop besides the colossal scimitars? One that peaked my interest was a Q8 sephis sword but i think that may be EOTN.

    I took a good 7 year break from gw, and those that remember me I was a hardcore solo farmer from some of my old builds. I was the guy that figured out touch ranger could solo pretty much all of uw and also the uw spirit spam build. So farming is my major outlet for this game and I am very precise with it as I like nice things. The following are my observations, note my sample size as one person isn't sufficient but maybe others can chime in with experience.

    Chest running Q8 gear:

    Elonian chests and canthan chests have given me the highest yield of any method. Picking a route that is comfortable to do a ton of times is paramount but more importantly try to avoid chests that can drop armors. If the chest drops armors expect to get armors more than anything else. Farming "good" q8 items directly is a losing battle. If you just want a purple q8 focus that is single mod run a couple hundred of the above mentioned chests. You may even get a gold focus here and there. Maguuma chests have yet to yield a q8 for me but I haven't ran them extensively. I have also done a few hundred kilroy keyless chests runs with 3 crystalline sword drops amongst other nice items,however only 2 q8 focus so far. So I would not go that route.

    Farming Mobs for Q8 gear:

    The ideal levels are 17-21, I noticed the better odds come from the higher level mobs on this spectrum. What I have observed that is interesting is that mob dropped q8 items tend to more often be dual modded and closer to perfect. I know this is anecdotal but it is my observations.

    NF Q8 inscr:

    I don't have much to say here as I don't really mess with NF chests or farming too much.

    Things to look for in a potential farm:

    The correct level of course, but something I figured out based on the ghost slaves dead sword farming as they are one of the only mobs that is level 20 in HM is that the factor is the mob spawns after level load. I have found a few other situations this occurs that produces the correct mob level, however the only easily farmable one is that of the dead sword farm so far. That is where everyone else comes in to find obscure quests that might require a character born of a specific expansion and class. I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't other quests out there that can yield q8 items "easier" than normal mode mobs.

    In summary this is just some food for thought and happy to discuss farming these gems.

    I won't give a direct price since I am actively bidding on the item, however price checks vs reality can be harsh. I have a good 50 items that can get the priceless/xxx arm treatment. The reality is one who actually has the funds, willing to spend those funds, desired skin, actual rarity, and usefulness.

    A bit of history on q8 deadbows for you. The skin itself has always been very common and after the introduction of HM they are one of the most farmed skin. What made them rare initially was the fact they could only come from higher level keyless chests for max damage q8 or as mob drops from very few enemies when the game was prophecies only. Hell's precipice portal wraiths being one of the main location although necrid horsemen who at the time were very unfarmable could drop them along with some oddities such as lord timot a lvl 21 undead in a krytan quest. The only real reason they have ever retained such high value is rarity as the time frame in which they could drop was still very limited.

    My final thought and probably why your not getting price checks are because most of the people bidding on it are the same ones who price checked the last one so a conflict of interest. It is an item that the only way to actually get a legit price evaluation is put it up for auction and see where it goes.

    That is an odd set of items to drop. Where is this mob if you don't mind me asking? I know Krytan axes at least last I knew were very rare and only purple now a days.

    Impossible to price those as I have nearly all of those bows and I am one of the few bow collectors in game without them customized. Only way to get any idea on price would be auction. If you have these bows rather than buying I can tell you with certainty that people such as my self would bid in the triple digit armbraces for some of them.