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    Highest offer I got was about 1000a in private message on my 15 vs hexed crystalline. I ended up keeping it. I also picked up a q8 13% stance crystalline recently for 150a but that isn't really a good marker for value.

    Captain Krompdown even if they wouldnt dissapear imo there are ways of making some kind of limitation as I said there have been examples that are way too obvious to not know they re botted threads and the acceptance of bot data by our members is just sad. Also I Know that PhD is against buying currency for Dollars, can you explain me why you guys are fine with getting more items into collection from botters? Whats fun and nostalgic about that?

    There re forums for botters and legacy wasnt one of them till now. We could aswell just allow posting bot files here if you and moderators Iaerah dont see a way of doing something about that.

    What I would do is just simply take notes, you delete post when see flaming and you could delete threads that are known to be botted. I mean what else you need to know if same account posts bot data and then same items that drop from current chestrun are later on auction?

    The problem is the known part. Unless they verbatim say here are my botted items for sale we can't definitively know they are botted.

    It is also a situation of false positives and framing people. Then the amount of moderation work is another problem.

    Hypothetical Example: I say Yoji bots and there are some potential flags. He says he doesn't and you agree with Yoji.

    In this case do we ban Yoji? What about if you were the person in question?

    My personal opinion is you are free to buy/sell to anyone or not for any reason per current rules. I keep a personal blacklist and also use statistical data to measure the value of a trade.

    So some players I won't trade with on here.

    Even if the shield are tested, lets say there is still a chance u can get a -2stance / -2ench + 10 creature or + 10 earth/fire etc...

    Even if technically you can also test all this but cmon... Thats rly a hassle to test against all creatures in the game

    Not to derail but it is worth keeping in mind that tools such as toolbox can simplify testing and a full on bot can automate testing. I agree a human can do some quick tests but it becomes tedious at a certain point.

    Thank you for proving my point. To reference the Duck test: If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

    The forums have no way to prove someone is botting even if evidence is 99.9% obvious without direct admission of guilt and thus in my opinion it is something that is a bummer but can't be enforced. By the way I am in no way saying you bot or don't bot, much like ANET's server side anticheat that looks for common patterns that fit malicious behavior.

    I want everyone using toolbox banned from game and gw legacy.

    I am curious if this extends to people in your own guild or friends guilds? Obviously you don't have control over what happens on legacy or most of the game but you do have control over people in your guild. So do you actively remove players that bot or use toolbox in your own guild where you do control the situation? I am mainly curious if you enforce your beliefs where you do have control.

    What I am going to say is in no way affiliated or associated with Legacy and honestly I should be banned. To add to this discussion at what point do we draw the line?

    Super obvious botting example that comes up over and over on here:

    1. Large UNID lots of items

    2. Said UNID lots constantly refill faster than humanly possible.

    3. Constant OMFG look at my luck today threads.

    4. When asked oh no problem bro I run chests 12 hours a day year round.

    So lets pick some low hanging fruit that is easily found right now.




    The real irony is thanks to ether who is allegedly botting and providing data we have a fair idea what this player is doing with this alt account. So I am curious what people really think we should do? Legacy can't control things in game so what would a proposed solution be that isn't a clusterfuck and waste of time witch hunt?

    The ship sailed on botting in the first few months of release. Anet made it clear they really didn't care and at this point they won't even harvest low hanging fruit like HA.

    Far more devastating things have happened exploit wise than 100k bots could do in 1000 years. No one can prove items are botted but just infer a high probability without verbatim admission of guilt.

    My advice is enjoy the game however gives you fun. Even these massive bot farms can't catch up to 16 year strong power traders in wealth.