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  • Got those GotH's for you, message me in-game: I Whirl Stuff

  • Do u still have r8 crenellated sword?

  • 20 e it is for number 7. IGN : Nirashi slizzer

  • hi pls pm me ign: Yamato Aren

  • Hey there, a couple people have told me I should check if you want this Guardian of the Hunt: req 11 strength, -2^enchant, -20% cripple duration.

  • hi, just a quick question so i can plan accordingly, when will you end the storage cleanup sale?

  • Hey if your interested in the Oni Blade i posted, Ill be available monday. LMK.

  • Hello, you can contact me for A2. IG : Reine Mathilde

  • Hi! Do you maybe want another item for your Guardian of the Hunt collection? I have q9 tactics/reduced poison by 20%/armor + 10 vs dragons.

    IGN: Keit Infinitus

  • hey,
    i got an os guardian of the hunt q10tac, -5/19, +10vs ogres
    are you interested?
    ign Butterblu Me

  • you collect GotH? add me - the super athene

  • msg Dervish Donut in game when ur ready to pick up ty

  • message me ingame pierre de nuit

  • hello u dont have q9 tac +10 dem +45we bladed outcast plague irri for sell?

  • want the magma still? give me ur ign

  • Hi, did u sell the Flamberge i bid on to someone else?

  • hey found a Guardian of the Hunt q10tac -2 stance single mod in case u need

  • Hey, what is your ingame name for the clouded mauls and the weird q12 cele staff? :)

  • what is your ingame name