Blood God's Wrath [BGW] Rebuilding

  • Ladies and Gentlemen BGW is back with a vengeance.

    BGW is a 12 year old guild, and one of the original Faction Farming Guilds. We are back and doing more than just Faction, however we are keeping our eyes on the Faction Ball.

    BGW is now part of the EOD Alliance which is in allegiance with Luxon right now. At the moment we own Cavalon and wish to hold it.

    Not big on Faction Farming? We do daily VQs, Zquests, HM Farming, etc. Help is offered all day, and it's all free. Runs, Campaign Completions, etc.

    I, Techno Warrior, will also be introducing bonuses for Faction Donated, being helpful, etc. And bonuses are usually decent amounts of Ecto.

    I am also looking for officers to help build, but I do not make everyone an officer. Come prove yourself worthy!

    If interested please PM me in game @ Techno Warrior.

    Happy Gaming All!