WTS Pre-Searing Black Dyes, Pre Mini Grawl

  • Hello all!


    Pre-Searing Black Dyes 15e/ea or 5=1a x750

    Pre-Searing Miniature Grawl

    s/b: 100a / 500bd


    b/o: 400a or Pre Mini Destroyer + 1500bd

    I'm in no rush to sell the Grawl, however I may need the arms quickly for an item in Post so feel free to bid and I may just accept the highest offer on short notice.

    3 options for sale:

    1) Buyer trades first, then I meet in Pre with items

    2) Buyer trades first small amounts for small amounts if they are more comfortable with that.

    3) We use a trade moderator that we are both comfortable with.

    I'm happy with any option.

    Thank you!


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