PC on a few OS items (including Q8 FDS)

  • Hey all, just logged on for the first time in a few years and was hoping for a PC on a few items, all are OS/uninsc:

    1) Q8 Gold FDS 14^50

    2) Q9 Gold GPB 15^50

    3) Q9 Gold Fellblade 15^50

    4) Q9 Gold Gothic Sword 15^50

    5) Q9 Str Gold Magmas Shield, -3/when hexed, -20% Deep Wound

    Thanks very much in advance!

    IGN: Dharok the Tyrant

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  • q9 15^50s = 10-20e imo

    q9 magmas = double digit ectos? -20%dw is a bad mod but its still a q9 dual mod magmas i guess...

    q8 fds is hard to rate with imperfect mod, 10-20a range probably, dont sell without auction

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