Proposed rule changes for Price Check section only

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    We are considering implementing three small changes to the rules for this section only. These will not apply in the selling or buying sections - they are for price checking only, and are intended to aid discussion on an item(s)’s value where needed:

    1. Allow discussion on an item’s value providing there is reason to discuss. Only comments pertaining to value and people’s reasons for it will be allowed.

    2. Allow the thread creator to reply to questions and ask further questions on the item in question within 24 hours (Early bumping for no reason won’t be allowed)

    3. Allow replies which don’t give a specific price because we appreciate that sometimes a value can’t be given.

    Please tell us what you think to these proposed changes.


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  • Heyo,

    1. Well, if there is good arguments for the discussion why not I'd say. It may enlighten others about X or Y on the item.

    2. As long as it's questions around the item and it's value I feel like it should be allowed so that the creator may understand better why his item is PC'd at that much and not more / less. Atm, if he ask a question in his original post / bump post after someone already PC'd his item it may be ignored which is not helpful.

    3. For me, a "it's really rare / unique better put it for sell to get a real price idea" and so on feel like a PC even though there is not specific price for the item. Some things are just too unique to be priced easily.

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  • My thoughts on all 3

    1. Allowing discussion will lead to better understanding of prices and more interaction within the community. The justification behind a purposed price is equally as important as the price itself. I would add that additional information like how easy an item may be to sell, referencing past trading experiences and number of potential buyers (size of market) should also be allowed. Not 1000% clear from "pertaining to value and people’s reasons" covers this but I suspect it does.

    2. Allowing questions and some back and forth makes sense if you want to encourage discussion. With the caveat that its not abused for pure bumping purposes.

    3. I strongly believe that almost any feedback is helpful and I think all would agree sometimes you can't provide an accurate number. Enforcing a restrictive rule like no response without a specific price (or even range) seems very counter intuitive if the goal is promote discussion and get more involved for better PC results.

    Big yes to all 3 from me.


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  • Agreed.

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  • Agree with all the above. Like totally. Most items posted here don't really have "prices" nowadays. Allowing discussion, context, experience and history will make for better interactions and fuller understanding of the items presented.

    Even saying "not merch food" or "too cute to merch" is helpful if that is a question in the poster's mind/post.

    This is not to say that moderation in unnecessary. Attempts to buy, sell or trade should be rigorously excluded from the pc section. I'd say that names of potential buyers (including self or friends) should not be allowed in posts. That, along with any other arrangements for the intention of trade can be done in private.


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    Hey everybody,

    Thanks for your feedback on these proposed changes.

    We're currently looking with our moderators on how to move forward with these.

    Until further notice, though, the old rules stay valid.

    - Kev

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