• I mean there's quite a few shield collections out there and I mainly go through by looking at the mods. At that point I was amazed on here already. But then I checked the reqs - and damn... there is just one above 9 (talking echos). Insane! Great job ;)

    I WTB all kinds of Tower Shields and Defenders. I do drop research - if you find anything remarkable or want to see the results - check the thread or send a pm!

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  • I came for teh brodesode ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

    put on your hazmat suit ;)

    Great job ;)


    Why you haven't included your story of having the hammer-forged cold-rolled aerospace quality steel balls to negotiate for that sword, I have no idea. It's the stuff of legend.


    This image speaks for itself. :D

  • Omg, when was that?? Instead of trying to pay only 225e instead of 250e (which is already ridiculous), you could have given him at least a bit more! 250 arms instead of ectos seems to be a lot nearer to its real value! ^^

  • Heh, God i miss my daggers, thesedays i'd pay anything to get them back xD

    But yeah indeed it was very different time back then, you could get normal q7 15^50's for less then 1000e and most q8 15^50/+5e were like 50e each ;D

    Good times, thats Month before i lost everything i had build during 05-2011

  • Purely

    Changed the title of the thread from “Purely: Echovald Shields, Creature Shields, Broadswords, & More” to “Purely: Echovalds, Creatures, Broadswords, Offhands, 212gv & More”.
  • I've added a new project I've been working on of 212 gold valued items. The February 12th date (2-12-21) gave me the motivation to hurry and post it on this particular day. A lot of the pieces are from other collections, but seeing them together in this way brings some new excitement to my collecting. Enjoy!


  • Purely

    Changed the title of the thread from “Purely: Echovalds, Creatures, Broadswords, Offhands, 212gv & More” to “Purely”.
  • ayay You log in after a year of inactivity just to dislike a post I made 6 months ago? Thanks for being another fanboy. Come again! :)

    I logged in cos I started playing GW again, was looking through the WTS/WTB sections of this forum, saw your collection link in your sig and decided to check it out, then I saw you bragging about taking advantage of an ignorant person... were you upset I disliked your post of you treating others badly or something? You can't let something like that upset you lol

  • Bitch, I never bragged about anything. I posted a screenshot of an item I purchased 10 years ago for the amount he was asking. You shouldn't let something like that upset you. You're the only person treating anyone badly here. Get fucked. :)

    I disagree, I think the fact you posted it up here like a hunter puts a trophy on their wall is bragging, you're free to disagree if you like but that's my own opinion, and just because someone was asking for something doesn't mean it's fair or just, like in this case, this person clearly didn't know the worth of that item. But seriously, don't let my opinion upset you lol.

    Why do you think I'm treating you badly?

  • So to what degree is it no longer fair? Also, can you tell us the value of the broadsword? Lastly, cite examples of other people you've trolled for breaking your rules to show us you aren't singling anyone out. Shit on someone else's thread. We're done here.

    I'd say it's when one person knows the true value of an item in a market place while another doesn't, and one party decides to take advantage of that, but more generally I guess... when the price leaves 20%+/- of its actual value, that's how much I'd personally feel comfortable gaining/losing on a trade I suppose, but that's just me, perhaps the person you bought the broadsword from has a different view, perhaps they knew the true value and decided to donate it to you for that price, I guess I don't know that. Well if they were donating it for a lower price than it's actually worth I suppose they would've taken the 225e offer...

    The value of the broadsword? A q7 max 15^50 sword is something of an oddity in my opinion, so I can't give any concrete figures, but looking at this thread here, a q7 15^50 longsword was bought for 500a a few years ago, and offers of 550a-600a were received for it, so that'd be a good starting point, I'm not sure whether the price would have gone up or down now personally though

    I'm not trolling you btw, all I did was dislike a post and you started shitting on your own thread (I'll admit maybe this is a huge faux pas I'm not aware of, but that seems unreasonable to me and I'd disregard it honestly), I'm just replying to you the same way you replied to my reaction on your post, show me some other people that have made trades like yours and I'll dislike their posts too lol.

    Honestly I didn't know this thread was so public I thought it was like a private thing on your profile maybe, like it could only be accessed through a direct link, that's how I found it in your sig, like I said I only just logged back onto this forum like 2-3 days ago for the first time in a while, first collection thread I'd ever seen personally, and the fact you replied to a reaction on your post like that made me think it might be more hidden or something, so honestly this entire interaction between us is really awkward at this point, you really should have just PM'd me if you had a problem and just asked me to take the reaction off, I might have, so I guess I'm sorry you reacted the way you did?

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  • Thanks for comparing apples to oranges and letting everyone know I'm just like everyone else who plays every video game. Goodbye now!

    I wouldn't say comparing a q7 max 15^50 broadsword to a q7 max 15^50 longsword is apples and oranges at all, they're both the same except for a skin which isn't what makes them rare, it's the fact that they're q7, max and 15^50, so it really is more like oranges and oranges.

    I can tell you for a fact that not everyone plays every video game like you do, I mean there's a price check section on this forum where random people help each other all the time, in fact I'd say you're in the minority, maybe there are groups of people that enjoy "getting the best deals" they can or however else you might want to put it, but that certainly isn't how everyone else plays or even the majority, just today I bought a prenerf item from someone in Kamadan and threw an extra 40% in to bump it up to a more reasonable price. I even helped someone else with some price checking in Kamadan too who asked for it and they said there was a reason they don't let others know they're a returning noob, in fact I pointed them to this forum so they could get an even better idea of how much their prenerf item was worth...

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