PC Q8/7 OS items

  • I haven't played in about 5 years but just curious about some of the nicer items I have sitting around all this time.

    Q8 Deadbow 15>50

    Q10 eternal shield -2e -3h

    Q7 Longsword 15>50

    Q8 mursaat bow 15>50

    Q8 Fleshy hornbow 15>50

    I honestly don't know what the market is like anymore but I have my entire storage and character inventories full of OS stuff before I left the game. It is nice to see some faces from guru when I use to do farm guides/power trade.

  • Right. First of all, welcome back.

    That dead bow is virtually priceless. It’s one of the rarest and most sought after of all the bow skins in r8. I think only two others are known to exist?

    Same goes for the r7 longsword. Only three others are known to exist.

    Do NOT sell these to private offers. I bet you’ve already had a few messages trying to snipe them cheap. And do NOT sell them in game. You’ll end up ripping yourself off spectacularly.

    These are all really nice items and will all go for a pile of armbraces. But the dead bow and the longsword can go 300-500 armbraces range just for their rarity and desireability.

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  • Agreed with max, do not sale to anyone in private. Post a sale thread and see what offers you get. Some of those are worth hundreds of armbraces.

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  • I'll double down on Max's statement on the dead bow. I wouldn't sell for 500a if it was mine or at all tbh. Sword is 250a+ easy and dual red eternal will get attention but the real gem is that bow. Please post a photo so we can salivate over it.

  • Last dead bow and mursaat bow were purchased by me, paid 250a each around 2-2,5years ago. i think getting that or more would be hard now but definetly possible with time.

    Also last q7 15^50 Longsword sold was bought by me around year ago, i paid 500arms but i had 550-600a offers for it right after.

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