Is there any condition oriented team build out there?

  • Hi,

    I kind of grew bored of the 7caster +BiP Hero Teambuild .

    As a result I've been experimenting some fun builds lately, traded a necromancer for healer derv or a prism ele, ranger/warrior/dervish over esurge mesmers(without removing the panic mesmer as it's mandatory in HM).

    It's been going great so far.

    My next goal is to figure out a team that would be able to apply consistantly most if not all conditions while having a decent dmg output.

    So far I've tried a combination of fevered dream mesmer(player) +esurge+panic , searing flame ele, wounding strike+Shockwave dervishes, xinrae+BiP nec.

    I've also switched the Shockwave dervish for a barrage ranger to shut down the caster dazed by fevered dreams

    However the dmg output mainly comes from the esurge and the conditions (even daze) seem lackluster overall.

    Do you have any condition oriented teambuild for heroes that would be kind of viable for HM content(excluding elit areas)?

    I do have the doa condiway teambuild but that's meant to be played by 8 actual people, not some weird AI.


  • Have you tried running Extend Conditions (+Technobabble) instead of FD? It exploits the Dazed bug that interrupts spells upon application (no need for barrage). I've used it successfully in the past for example many vanquishes, Defend Droknar's Forge HM, etc. Combine with ymlad to cripple a whole group upon engagement, to ensure they stay close enough together to keep spreading conditions.

  • I sometimes run a modified keystone way team on my dagger-spam sin that has a ton of conditions, (Virulence + FD with others) I'll send you the templates and you can maybe find some ideas.

    bip - OAhjQoGYIP3hhWVV4N5kmjzkLA

    pod - OAhjYgHaIPPVLRV9TI8mcSzLGA

    virulence - OAhjUsGqoSbhKgrB4BVVJgeTYMA

    keystone - OQRCAcxzPA5b6yzTVeaVANA

    keystone - OQRCAcxzPA5b6yzTVeaVANA

    fevered - OQNDAbsOS3ATArAIgcQ5ZtEuEA

    st - OAmjAukqpOOTsp17xFOhm+4LGA

    To save me answering any questions regarding nuances; BoTM on the virulence necro heals the Mesmer's minions between groups and Mesmers make and destroy minions in battle (they cast faster than necromancers).

    You can spread aoe bleed, cracked armor, deep wound, disease, poison, weakness and daze.

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