Efficient Nick set farming

  • Hello there

    While there already are people who do videos on Nick sets, I often notice that they often show a very inefficient way of farming them. When I can think of a much better, and faster way, I will make a video to showcase how it's done efficiently. Sometimes I use some more advanced tactics from speedclearing, to speed up the farm (usually something with speedboosts), and to make people more aware of these mechanics.

    Happy farming

  • Better late than never.

    Quest: https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Insatiable_Appetite

    This is a very easy, braindead, and consistent way of getting at least 3 berries each run, while also minimising the time spend moving between Chuno and the enemies. When farming for multiple sets, it's definitely worth it to do the small quest chain leading up to this quest.

    Setup: 3 N/Rit heroes, OAhDYMhlB3VFAAAAAAAA
    2 Rt/N heroes, OASiEyE4cHuYJXAAAAAAAAA

    1 P hero, OQCigym8wj3xybcMAAAAAAA

    Explantion: 6 Death Magic gave the most consistent result. 8 Blood Magic for BiP breakpoint. Paragon hero is used for movement and for WSR, in case ressing is too slow. If you don't have 2 Ritualist heroes, you can play with 2 N/Rits instead, but more focus is required.

    Alternatively: load up a single target build, take a few PURE HEALING heroes, and a hero with permantent "Fall Back!" and "Incoming!", run to the farm south-east, to the insect Monk boss, and then to the kournans to the north-east.

  • Intimidating Aura makes you invincible, so no need for more defensive skills.




    Weapon 1: Zealous Scythe of Enchanting, with "Guided By Fate"
    Weapon 2: Staff of Enchanting
    +4 Earth Prayers, +1 Scythe Mastery, +1 Mysticism
    Windwalker Insignia, Vigor Rune, Vitae Rune

    Use speedboost balling for the first two groups. Use the downtime on Pious Haste to cast Intimidating Aura and Dwarven Stability. Make sure to use Mirage Cloak before Vow of Strength, to avoid getting rupted. No need to use Eremite's Attack for the first two.

    After the second speedboost group, you refresh your speedboost and run towards the first groups down the cliff. If they are too far to touch with your aggro bubble, use a flatbow to pull them. When you have aggro, continue running until they start breaking aggro (see 1:00) due to the speedboost, and refresh Intimidating Aura. If Pious Haste is still up, wait until it runs out. Run towards the remaining groups and make a ball like in the video. If the first group starts breaking (if they were far away), simply run back a bit and wait for them to return to you.
    Sometimes the Protectors run out of the ball, simply kill them after you killed the main ball. Ignore single stragglers, they aren't worth the time unless they are already damaged from the spikes.