Weird Headpiece, Pre-Nerf? No-one is able to tell me

  • I found a weird headpiece on one of my toons, I have no recollection to how I acquired it.

    No inherent +1 attribute, max ranger armor (+70), able to modify runes AND insignia.

    I don't really care for the price, as I don't think anyone else has something like this, so price checking is kind of arbitrary. And all people I ask in-game are also confused to the origins of the headpiece.

    I would like to know where something like this may have come from? If it is pre-nerf, then from what update? And when was this update? Any information about this headpiece would be interesting.

    1) Its modifiable with insignia, therefore it cannot be from a collector (it seems):

    2) Max armor rating, so not from pre-searing.

    3) Armor crafters for the Simple Mask (and all headpieces to my knowledge) all have inherent +1 attribute.

    4) My ranger character (to whom the mask belongs to) is 168 months old, if that helps.



  • Id suspect its this

    On update there "In Prophecies, Mesmer, Monk, Necromancer, Ranger, and Warrior headgear may now be crafted with a variety of attribute bonus options."

    Meaning armors crafted before that didnt have attribute bonus options.

    Assuming Its that there probably are alot of those since update came 2 years after release

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  • I think Pleikki is most likely correct as I took a look around at current crafters/armors.. Maybe some value to an odd ball collector but i would just hang onto it as a memory of updates past.

  • Hello thank you all for your replies.

    Pleikki you are the only one to provide a solid explanation, I have asked so many people haha. Thank you!

    Although, I do not think there are a lot of these in-game.

    Seeing as it was 2 years after release, I highly doubt those players with the headpiece still play. And if they did play it is very likely they upgraded their headpiece and salvaged the old.

    In addition, at the time of the update no-one would keep the headpiece because it is less superior to the updated ones.

    It is also not an item people would keep in general at that time.

    For example, people may keep a festival headpiece. Or a 2007 pig is something people would keep because its a mini. And a "customized" one is worth even more if they keep that. But a sub-par pre-update headpiece? I do not think people have held onto that, therefore making it very uncommon.

    Furthermore, I have asked many collectors and allies if they know anything about this headpiece, which they did not.

    Also i couldn't find other articles regarding this kid of headpiece.

    All this leads me to believe that not many people at all have a headpiece like this.

  • All this leads me to believe that not many people at all have a headpiece like this.

    Rarity ≠ value.

    You’re quite right, not many people at all have a headpiece like this. But in order to have value, there must be demand for it. There simply isn’t much (if any) demand for such a piece over and above collecting it for its peculiarity. There are a couple of collectors who might want it, but it isn’t valuable and won’t command a high price. Honestly, I’d find who might be interested and take whatever you’re offered.

    Customised minis don’t go high. Neither do customised headpieces, pre-nerf runes, jade wind orbs or other old and relatively rare items. Not because they’re not rare, but because they’re not in demand.

    just don’t get your hopes up.

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  • After this thread i had vague memory of a lot of people like me going to upgrade their armors and old ones in shiverpeaks, but it could be some part of the insignia update too that i remember :D

    But why i think its not super rare is that back then GW community was HUGE and there were several tens of thousands ppl who just tried the game for few weeks / months during the 1st years, We see those people coming back to game all the time in last years and im sure if people would ask from persons like those when they come back few others would show up rather quickly.

    But yeah thats just my speculation :D I know ive personally remade all of my chars so many times i wouldnt have stuff like this :D

  • hm, brother-in-law played back then (and hasnt logged in in 6 or 7 years---) he might still have one of those on his rangers...will have to check hubby's (if he can remember his password). Only headgear I still have from back then is on my ele.

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